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To our doctors and researchers, clinicians and caregivers for your tireless work on behalf of our children and creating hope, and for creating the amazing #Moonshot4Kids Briefing this year, a first for pediatric brain cancer and DIPG. The same enthusiastic thanks to DragonMaster Foundation, Michael Mosier Defeat DIPG foundation, Julia Barbara Foundation, Team Camron Cozzi Cure DIPG, Smashing Walnuts Foundation, and the DC Akin Gump and Covington Law Firms for your generous support for this and the State of DIPG Summit, Feb. 13, 2020. And most importantly to the families who traveled far and wide to lend your support to this effort, especially those with dipg/dmg diagnosed children.
To our childhood cancer charities and advocacy organizations for your hard work and enormous successes for the childhood cancer community, which include these, from our friends at Arms Wide Open Cancer Foundation:
A 4-year extension of the Creating Hope Act, which incentivizes the pharmaceutical industry to develop drugs for children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses
Arms Wide Open-Funded Humanized Antibody Therapy Approved by FDA
Department of Defense’s Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program includes pediatric and AYA cancers as a priority research topic
$30 million to fully fund the Childhood Cancer STAR Act$50 million to fully fund the Childhood Cancer Data Initiative

full newsflash from AWOCF

To all families and advocates who helped educate and ensure:that 1/2 of the Members of the House of Representatives are aware of childhood brain cancer, DIPG, and the urgent need for cures for our children and the financial and scientific support which this represents.Although H. Res. 114 was never to be considered by House Leadership, you created a powerful show of support for this as an issue not to be ignored. It’s just the beginning.

Your generous gifts of your time, sharing your experience, your lives, and your precious children for this cause cannot be adequately lauded with this note…please know that your contributions have great power and have been essential to the success of this Awareness Movement.
The National DIPG Awareness Resolution will be re-introduced with new language and it is our hope that it will pass beforeMay 17, 2021.


We have lost far too many precious lives this year… Each of your children has brought us a star of hope –a hope which will never die. Thank you for sharing them, in some cases participating in advocacy with them; our hearts break for your losses and ache for those fighting–they deserve the better chances which will, absolutely, one day manifest from all of your efforts. God bless you all and thank you.

“May light and hope replace despair and grief for DIPG children and their families.”
-Jack’s Angels Prayer


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On behalf of DIPG Advocacy Group
DIPG Advocacy Group is a coalition of childhood brain cancer organizations andindividual childhood cancer advocates supporting pediatric brain cancer awarenessand the DIPG Awareness Resolution in US Congress. 

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