DIPG as Ambassador to Public for Childhood Cancer

from our packet to Congress–use it! In support of H. Res. 114…why? Here:

The Public needs powerful examples attain sufficient awareness to pressure Congress. If we want childhood cancer legislation like STAR and RACE to truly be effective, to have its allocations approved, to build upon and allow greater development and support for pediatric research, the Public needs to put pressure on Congress. “They can’t care if they’re not aware,” said Aimee Dickey, forever 12, over a decade ago… DIPG, in all of its horror, makes a very strong case for pediatric cancer. Use it.

“…To this day it is not unusual for parents to hear that there are no solutions for their child with DIPG because, ‘the numbers aren’t great enough for investors,’ in the wealthiest country in the world boasting the greatest technologies. DIPG children walk bravely toward their death as their bodies decline, in full awareness of what is happening to them in most cases, as their parents must witness this in utter helplessness…”