Jack’s Angels Relay

Registration Is Open through midnight April 30!

Register for 1mi/1.6k, 5mi/8k, Cycle, or Group X! Group discounts, and 100mi, 200mi pre-paid youth packages available giving an even greater discount. Bypass the registration fee with a modest fundraiser!

click or scan to register

After Registration: Individual/Group Sign-up here for your relay-leg actual start time beginning 4/24!

–>optional sign-up for specific RACE LEGS (with specific start times) using the instructions which follow.

1. Click on the distance for which you, or your group registered at RunSignUp:

2. On each sign-up sheet you will be able to choose “your ride”:

  • Run, Walk, Cycle, Ride your Horse, or any other exercise modality equivalent in miles
  • Group X set A: 1 hour/2.5 mi (Zumba, Dance, Yoga; low to moderate intensity)
  • Group X set B: 1 hour/5 mi (Body Pump, Boot Camp; medium to high intensity)

3. Then you can choose your Leg start time!

Relay Leg Virtual Start Times:

This 200-mile run is divided most basically into 40, 5-mile “legs”, with the following start-times between 7:30 am PDT on Friday, April 29 2022, and 8:15am PDT Sunday, May 1, 2022, in 75 minute increments. A gallery of photos and links for the relay is being built and is scheduled to be online Monday April 4, so that you can literally see each leg of the virtual race, and where it is on the map!

START: Juliet Thorner Elementary School, 5501 Thorner St, Bakersfield, CA 93306

40, 5-mi(8k) legs are listed; 20, 10mi(16k)* starts; 8, 25-mile (40.2K)** starts; 4, 50 mi (80.5k)*** starts, and two 100mi (161k)**** starts.

Pacific Time (GMT-7) = is the standard used below

Eastern Time (GMT-4) = Pacific + 3hours

Greenwich Mean Time = Pacific + 7hours

Sydney AUS (GMT+11) = Pacific + 18hours

LEG 1 (START for the Relay) 07:30h Bakersfield, CA; 10:30h EDT, 14:30h GMT, 13:30h+1day(Sydney AUS, 4/30/22)

(On our way to Juliet Thorner Elementary School in Bakersfield)

LEG 2 08:45h start

Tejon Hwy, Arvin CA

LEG 3 10:00h start

LEG 4 11:15h start

LEG 5 12:30h start

Bear Valley, Arvin CA

LEG 6 13:45h start (Leg 2**)

Tehachapi, CA

LEG 7 15:00h start

Tehachapi, CA

LEG 8 16:15h start

LEG 9 17:30h start

LEG 10 18:45h start

LEG 11 20:00h start

LEG 12 21:15h start

LEG 13 22:30h

LEG 14 23:45h start

LEG 15 01:00h/April 30

LEG 16 02:15h start

LEG 17 03:30h start

(April 25, 2016 end of day)

LEG 18 04:45h start

LEG 19 06:00h start

LEG 20 07:15h start

And now 5 mi on PCT

LEG 21 08:30h start

Sierra Hwy and Agua Dulce Cyn Rd.

LEG 22 09:45h start

Davenport at Jack’s Angels turn-off (Wagon Wheel)

LEG 23 11:00h start

LEG 24 12:15h start

LEG 25 13:30h start

LEG 26 14:45h start

LEG 27 16:00h start

LEG 28 17:15h start

LEG 29 18:30h start

LEG 30 19:45h start

LEG 31 21:00h start

LEG 32 22:15h start

LEG 33 23:30h start

LEG 34 00:45h/May 1, start

LEG 35 02:00h start

LEG 36 03:15h start

LEG 37 04:30h start

LEG 38 05:45h start

LEG 39 07:00h start

LEG 40 08:15h start

FINISH!!!! 09:30h Huntington Beach, McKenna Claire Foundation