#Moonshot4Kids Video Rescheduled; Letters To The Speaker

“Letters To The Speaker” is the final public campaign for
H.Res.114 to get a simple acknowledgement of consideration for scheduling.
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Until we can create more impactful legislation to fund research, H. Res. 114, our #Moonshot4Kids, could help speed financial support and scientific collaboration, accelerating effective therapies to save lives.

The Reality

200-400 children are diagnosed annually with DIPG, diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. Most will be gone after one year. A few may live 2-3 years. A handful might live 5 years. One might live a full life span. There is nowhere on Earth you can go to save your child from DIPG.

The DIPG Awareness Resolution brings attention to children fighting for their lives; House leadership continues to dismiss them on a technicality.

“Letters to the Speaker” continues through December 31.

WRITE — CALL —TWEET! House Leadership

“…Most people do not think of brain cancer when they think of childhood cancer. It’s the most prevalent cancer in children and leads in childhood cancer deaths. We need this awareness resolution and awareness day, May 17, to alert and educate the public about it, our lawmakers, and clinicians. We’re discovering them too late, or at autopsy because we just don’t talk about it, and nobody knows. Awareness can help save lives today..”–from press release