H. Res. 404: Launching the Final Campaign with May 17

#moonshot4kids #passhres404

We are hopeful that the Briefing on May 17 for Members of Congress and staff, and the reception the evening before, thanking members of the Senate for passing the Senate Resolution, and the leaders in the House of Representatives for our kids, will help draw attention to H. Res. 404 and the unique opportunity we have to set a precedent of acknowledging the needs of our kids. Press package

Briefing Press Release

Reception Press Release

Cancer Moonshot Announcement Article

In its 7th year in the House of Representatives, its 4th Congress, and the 4th Senate bill about to be passed, we’ve finally GOT A SHOT AT SUCCESS in the House of Representatives. Right now, if we were to have all previous cosponsors (supporters) from last Congress signed on, we’d have a solid House Majority. For more information on this challenge, and how you can help, visit this post. Most recent letter to Congress Or, visit the Advocate with US page for a number of different ways you can help.

The events surrounding May 17 are meant to bring attention to the leading cause of disease-related death in children–brain/CNS tumors. Most people are unaware that brain tumors lead in childhood cancer incidence and deaths. DIPG is a death sentence, and the 2nd most commonly diagnosed brain tumor in children, and is responsible on its own for a significant portion of the annual childhood cancer death toll. #moonshot4kids #passHRES404

What the public does not realize is that the medical research investment culture does not prioritize children. Even within our government agencies, childhood disease research is routinely passed over as “unimpactful”. Rather than being rare, childhood cancers are neglected diseases. In the wealthiest country in the world, with the greatest technology, parents hear today that, that their children’s lives don’t represent an adequate investment incentive to the system in place. This needs to change.

We’re asking your help! If you like to tweet, ask your Reps on Twitter to pleas cosponsor H. Res. 404, using the hashtags #moonshot4kids and #passHRES404. First we’re just asking our previous supporters to come back on board: LIST

Visit the Children’s Cancer Cause to ask YOUR Rep to support it, and share with your friends across the United States.