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NEWSFLASH! WE’VE GOT A SHOT! HERE IS OUR FINAL CAMPAIGN TO #PASSHRES404 #DIPGwontwait —literally a sign-on letter and an opportunity to submit a picture of your child to be present for the floor vote in the House of Representatives!!

Sign-on Support form ||| Share name, picture, location, subject line #housevote! with: [email protected] that your child’s picture may be present for this historic occasion

#passhres404 #DIPGwontwait

We ask for a letter addressed to your state’s delegation because there are many members who represent districts where we do not have personal contacts.  This is where you are extremely valuable as an advocate; you can speak for others who cannot, or who have no idea this resolution is there for them.  

Please note that in all of our Congressional Office Meetings, DIPG Advocacy Group supports all childhood disease-related legislation, notably H. R. 623, the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act 2.0, H. R. 2210, the Fairness to Kids with Cancer Act, H. R. 5377 – the Cancer Patient Equity Act, and H. R. 5416, the Give Kids A Chance Act.  Our focus is on the success of the Resolution because we truly believe that acknowledgement of the urgent, unmet needs of our kids opens the door to approving legislation to help them, with less resistance and compromise.

Support Letters for H. Res. 404

Our advocacy group is seeking from the community current letters of support for the DIPG Awareness Resolution, addressed to your Rep and your State’s delegation of Reps.  These letters help us make appointments and also help in reaching out to simply ask the Rep to sign onto the Resolution.  If you don’t know what to say, use this in any way you like: pdf. download

click for pdf

Please send this to us at [email protected], with a picture of your child if applicable, and also, send it to your Representative on his or her website.  It’s usually, but not always,  A snail-mail back-up is often the best way to ground all of these efforts.

There’s more information and a portal at the Children’s Cancer Cause, which you can access from this website.  It’s easy to send a pre-written letter online in support of the resolution there, at  This cannot be repeated too often; share with local friends and family. 🙂

Thank you for allowing us to keep you in the loop, and to ask for help.  If you would like to participate in Congressional Office meetings with our group, contact me at [email protected].

–Janet Demeter