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Let’s Make Childhood Cancer History Together!

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sorry for the delay, but needed this key information from House Leadership. We are working with Congresswoman Dingell’s office, Congressman Joyce and Congressman McCaul’s teams.

TWO more steps to #passHRES404, The Majority Leader must schedule a vote for the DIPG Awareness Resolution. For this, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

1. Write, tweet, call the House Majority Leader to schedule H. RES. 404! DC office: 202-225-4131 // floor business: 202-225-3130 (staffers Courtney Fry, Ray Salazar, Deborah Rowe, or Jake Bayer)

2. Make sure your Rep has cosponsored, and call/tweet to ask them to VOTE YES

Tweet examples: (use the graphics below and tag your friends, and @VancityReynolds -he follows Aria’s case- or any other celebrity who gets involved with children’s issues.) VIDEO LINKS ARE DOWN BELOW!

  1. Despite progress in childhood cancer legislation & promising government programs over the last decade, literally NOTHING has changed for children with DIPG, and most other #childhoodcancer subtypes. @LeaderHoyer Please allow a #HouseVOTE on #HRES404! (add here your reps twitter handle) Use one of the graphics below and tag your friends!
  2. Awareness is the missing catalyst to a cure; @LeaderHoyer please allow a #HouseVOTE for #HRES404! #DIPGwontwait to kill more kids. Please don’t waste this historic opportunity for #childhoodcancer and for unity in Congress on what matters most. http://passhres404.com

Please add your signature to the sign-on form to support:

  1. Sign-on Form to Support | Read the actual Letter to the Majority Leader
  2. FOR THE ACTUAL VOTE!! We’ll need 290 Yes votes for it to pass. YOU MAY SUBMIT YOUR CHILD’S PICTURE to be present for the historic vote! Please send your child’s picture, name to [email protected] by December 1 if possible, to be included. Of course we will accept them as long as we can; the actual vote itself is the next hurdle.


  • share these videos with #passHRES404 #HouseVOTE #DIPGwontwait
  • Cassie Diaz: https://youtu.be/A30qQ7zDCaY (the problem is: not enough people know about DIPG)
  • Jace Ward: https://youtu.be/_636Beud4z0 (time and time again, the proven catalyst for a cure is AWARENESS.)
  • Phil Tan: https://youtu.be/GH_F5JDV2aw (it’s unacceptable that treatments…for this leading killer of kids…have not improved in 40 years.)
  • Grace Wethor: https://youtu.be/B0GbU88KET8 (survivor who lives in the shadow of DIPG expresses the importance of largely unseen children with brain cancer to be known, their stories heard, and survivors seen)
  • below: Reps Debbie Dingell and David Joyce share their commitment to seeing the DIPG Awareness Resolution pass. https://youtu.be/8mtO98LXKeE

Two really good resources for finding contact info for your Reps staff, Reps in your state and around the United States: Congressweb.com, under public resources; and Govtrack.us, under members you can search your state. For constituent pull, it’s absolutely ok to message all your state reps. We actually need a couple people who want to do this. There are 50 of them! And don’t forget the territories…


List of Current cosponsors | Who’s My Rep

AND…Dont forget! Let’s get the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act 2.0 through the Senate and signed by the President, AND, tell your Reps to support the “Give Kids A Chance Act.”