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Let’s Make Childhood Cancer History Together!

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sorry for the delay, but needed this key information from House Leadership. We are working with Congresswoman Dingell’s office, Congressman Joyce and Congressman McCaul’s teams.

Just 2 more steps to #passHRES404, as the Office of the Speaker of the House is supportive, and so we are making the case to the Majority Leader to schedule a vote for the DIPG Awareness Resolution. For this, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Please add your signature to the sign-on form to support:

  1. Sign-on Form to Support | Read the actual Letter to the Majority Leader
  2. YOU MAY SUBMIT YOUR CHILD’S PICTURE to be present for the historic vote! Please send your child’s picture, name to moonshot4kids@gmail.com by December 1 if possible, to be included. Of course we will accept them as long as we can; the actual vote itself is the next hurdle.

Soon to populate: twitter handles, graphics, and social media messaging in the case of a scheduled vote! THE RESOLUTION WILL NEED 290 VOTES TO ACTUALLY PASS!!!

  • share these videos with #passHRES404 #HouseVOTE #DIPGwontwait
  • Cassie Diaz: https://youtu.be/A30qQ7zDCaY (the problem is: not enough people know about DIPG)
  • Jace Ward: https://youtu.be/_636Beud4z0 (time and time again, the proven catalyst for a cure is AWARENESS.)
  • Phil Tan: https://youtu.be/GH_F5JDV2aw (it’s unacceptable that treatments…for this leading killer of kids…have not improved in 40 years.)
  • Grace Wethor: https://youtu.be/B0GbU88KET8 (survivor who lives in the shadow of DIPG expresses the importance of largely unseen children with brain cancer to be known, their stories heard, and survivors seen)
  • below: Reps Debbie Dingell and David Joyce share their commitment to seeing the DIPG Awareness Resolution pass. https://youtu.be/8mtO98LXKeE

Two really good resources for finding contact info for your Reps staff, Reps in your state and around the United States: Congressweb.com, under public resources; and Govtrack.us, under members you can search your state. For constituent pull, it’s absolutely ok to message all your state reps. We actually need a couple people who want to do this. There are 50 of them! And don’t forget the territories…


List of Current cosponsors | Who’s My Rep

AND…Dont forget! Let’s get the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act 2.0 through the Senate and signed by the President, AND, tell your Reps to support the “Give Kids A Chance Act.”