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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month:

Most don’t know that Brain Tumors LEAD in:


And that DIPG…

  • is the 2nd most COMMON brain tumor in children
  • LEADS in pediatric brain tumor deaths

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COMING OCTOBER 1ST! Letter to Committee Leadership and the Speaker with easy cut, paste, done!!

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H. Res. 114 raises awareness to the urgent, unmet needs of children with cancer, pointing to the need to prioritize legislation protecting pediatric research and children’s medical needs:


  1. These poor children are generally diagnosed with, and killed by, DIPG during their elementary school years or earlier, meaning each child generally loses about six decades of life. Each child’s death leaves a gaping hole in the heart of every family member, a wound time can never heal. In the mid-20th century, children with *all* types of childhood cancer received a death sentence on diagnosis. With DIPG, unlike other cancers, it’s nearly the same today–simply because unlike other cancers, DIPG has lacked the public awareness and funding necessary. Please support these children.

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