Wear It On Your Sleeve

To order BRACELETS:  

— #Moonshot4Kids H. Res. 114 -National DIPG Awareness Resolution #HouseVote NOW! #DIPGwontWait —

If you would like bracelets with the above inscription–wrapped around in one line–sent to you, simply donate (memo, ‘bracelets’):

  • $10 gets 5
  • $20 gets 15

If you want a larger volumes, email dipgadvocacy@gmail.com. Click here to make a donation and have them sent to you, and remember the memo, ‘bracelets’. You’ll also need to make sure you give your address. They will be sent out Friday April 9th earliest, through April 24th.  If we need to get more, we’ll get more! 


  1. Hi my name is Cameron Ledlow. My daughter has a grade 4 glioma. I want to get the word out on childhood brain cancer. Before august 4 2020 I had no idea what a rising concern it was. We live in south ga but I want to know what I can do to help.

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