What is an H. Res. bill?

Simple House Resolutions (designated H. Res. __) only need a vote in the House of Representatives to pass; they do not allocate funds or need a signature from the President as they are not laws, per se, and they are non-political. They are also referred to as a “Sense Of” Resolution as they embody a common feeling or sense of resolve of the House of Representatives. This is also the case in the Senate–the corresponding “S. Res.” bill. They can originate from the Membership, or, the American People may petition Congress for help in raising public awareness to urgent matters which would otherwise remain in obscurity. In the past, awareness days were designated rather frivolously and the practice was limited in 2016, but Protocol 7 of Rule 28 (link below, 114th Congress Republican House Rules Convention) makes the exception for issues requiring certain remedial action and/or pertaining to bereavement.

Res. 114 needs 218 votes to pass, OR a “Suspension of Rules” House Vote for which it qualifies under Protocol 7, Rule 28. Ask your Rep to support a #HouseVote!

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