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“Our kids don’t deserve a death sentence.” Make childhood cancer history with us!

SIGN-ON support form for individuals and orgs for H. RES. 416

“Our children have no voice; after 9 years, nearly 4000 more children lost in the USA to DIPG alone, a House Majority of support in the previous 2 Congresses, send the message that our children’s lives are more important than corporate interests! Please; our children are worth 10 minutes of consideration before the end of this Congress.

Most importantly H. Res. 416 will impact the national narratives and beliefs people commonly hold about childhood cancer, and accelerate the production of effective therapies. We are so very close in understanding yet so far away in awareness and needed funding for clinical trials. Awareness is, and has been historically, the necessary catalyst for a cure.

At the close of the last session of Congress, the DIPG Awareness Resolution gained a majority of signatures–220–FOR THE SECOND TIME–which is unprecedented for a resolution of this kind for childhood disease. Our goal is, after 9 years, five introductions and nearly 4000 more children lost to DIPG, for the resolution to finally be given consideration for floor discussion and a #HouseVote!

House Rules are reconstituted EVERY CONGRESS, and we all witnessed the political posturing at the beginning of the 118th Congress with the rules. The rules ought to ensure that the needs of The People are better represented. We are calling for the 30 year-old rule banning floor-time for resolutions, which include a day of recognition, to be reviewed in light of current circumstances. The urgent, unmet medical needs of America’s children are worthy of floor-time in the House of Representatives. Once and for all, PASS H. RES.416.