IT’S THE FINAL PUSH to 218! TELL THE SPEAKER to allow due process for H. RES. 114.

Help us get to 218 signatures for the “Little Bill that Could!” Call your Rep and your State Delegation and tell them you want them to sign on! Example ‘SOS’ or ‘statement of support’ below; feel free to use it.

#Moonshot4Kids Video rescheduled tentatively 12/4, 8pm EST

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for The Little Bill That Could to get a #HouseVote

Nov. 30 / Sunrise: Race for the Angels finishes!


Complete the 5k walk/run by Nov. 30

December Virtual Appointments 11/30 – 12/4, 12/7 – 12/11

Contact us with a statement of support (SOS) at

General Letter to Congress with Supporting documents

Example SOS (to submit on your own, or share with us to advocate for you):

“Please help bring hope to pediatric brain cancer, the leading cause of death in children with cancer. Kids fighting DIPG and other deadly brain tumors need to know we’ve got their back! Please cosponsor H. Res. 114 in honor of (name) and so many others like him across the country who are fighting for their lives, and those who have lost their fight in obscurity. These kids deserve more from us…but change won’t come fast enough if Congress and the general public are not aware of this urgent, unmet need for a cure. We need your help; thank you for honoring my request as your constituent.”

ON Congressional Office Appointments

  • Option 1 Participate on zoom teleconference!
  • Option 2, we can represent you and share information on your behalf.
  • For options 1 and 2, submit your Statement Of Support (SOS) to after registering.
  • OPTION 3–use our letter, your own statement, and get your Representative to sign on, and the rest of your state delegation as well!