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This is an easy one-stop way to support the DIPG Awareness Resolution in US Congress.  The Senate Resolution is renewed annually until the House Resolution, which designates May 17th in perpetuity for childhood brain cancer, finally passes after 6 years and four introductions.  You can opt for a generic statement of support, or you may send us your own Statement of Support (SOS)* to share with your lawmakers as well, to [email protected] along with a picture of your child if applicable, after submitting the form below.  We won't recognize your form input without your taking the second step with the statement of support.

  • Any US resident, concerned citizen of any persuasion may advocate, or share his/her/their support.
  • The form information is needed identify your lawmakers and also prove your constituency; it will not be used for any other purpose, or shared.
  • We will update you on our progress and keep you informed of meetings with congressional offices from your state**, to which you are welcome but never obligated.
  • Childhood brain cancer families have strong impact with personal stories, and a picture.
  • Thank you!  We are grateful and honored to share your message with your Reps offices in Washington!

**All have an open invitation to zoom with us in our virtual meetings to share their support for this measure and your child's story if applicable.  We welcome your support!  For virtual office meetings:  answer YES or NO if you would like to receive notification of upcoming meetings for your district and state; there is no obligation with this option.

For background and context, here is our Letter to Congress which includes the resolution text, and the summary for the Press.


Limit 2000 Characters

Limit 2000 Characters

Limit 2000 Characters

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