#Moonshot4Kids Rally for Our Children

community participation

GOING VIRTUAL. Video to be the show will be aired in the evening, time TBA. Preliminary program TBA Sept. 21 2020.

Preliminary press release


Please submit videos by 9/18/2020 to our dropbox.

EXTENDED DEADLINE for speaker video submissions 9/22, with request. Preliminary program Monday 9/21, final 9/24

  • Congressman Mike Garcia (CA-25), #Moonshot4Kids DIPG Awareness Resolution
  • Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-1) #Fairness to Kids with Cancer Act of 2019 (HR 4429)
  • Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton (VA-10) #KidsFirst2.0
  • Congressman Mike Kelly (PA-16)
  • Sarah Milberg (St. Baldrick’s Foundation)
  • Elena Gerasimov (Kids v Cancer)
  • Jonathan Daniels (Cystic Fibrosis Foundation)
  • Mina Carroll (Storm the Heavens Foundation)
  • Jenny Mosier (Michael Mosier Defeat DIPG Foundation)
  • Ellyn Miller (Smashing Walnuts Foundation)
  • National Brain Tumor Society
  • Keith Desserich (The Cure Starts Now)
  • Dr. Charles Keller (Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute)
  • Dr. Adam Resnick (CHOP) Live
  • Dr. Adam Green (CHCO) Live
  • Dr. Michelle Monje (Stanford)
  • Survivors Daniel Cloakey (neuroblastoma),
  • Grace Wethor (living with brainstem glioma)
  • Jace Ward (DIPG–in treatment)
  • Nicole Puglisi (DIPG survivor)
  • Family portraits, for: Aspen Agnew, Jayce Diaz, David Turner

community participation

  1. We need you, Peanut Gallery! In Brady Bunch style, we hope to have an interactive live audience for the presentation. Here’s how: community participation flyer
  • 20-30 seconds (this is a target–we want you to say all you need to say) Warrior videos no time constraint
  • Include a picture of your child
  • State the child’s name and age, city and state you’re from
  • Why awareness is important; say whatever you would like about DIPG and pediatric brain cancer to the world.
How to submit:
  • Name your file first initial, last name, and submit to our dropbox folder.
  • Include a quick waiver prelude to your video fully stating your name and giving permission to Guiding Angels Productions to use it and your images, or, download form to sign and include with your video submission.
A good example:

–of lighting, of placement, of this kind of short video was created by the DIPG Dads Facebook Group, as an example of how to frame and how it should look, and for the length of the videos

In person Rally for a #HouseVOTE on H. Res. 114, the National DIPG Awareness Resolution, at the Capitol Tuesday, Nov. 17th at 12:30pm. Details Oct. 1!

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